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About Us

One Too Many is a ministry of Union Mills Christian Church. Union Mills is a church partner with End Abortion Now. One Too Many is fully committed to ending abortion in the state of Iowa. We believe that an effective ministry should realize that there are both spiritual and physical needs to be met as we share the gospel and attempt to save the lives of as many children as possible. We proudly offer legitimate alternatives to abortion such as adoption or help with resources that allow a mother to keep her child—we strive to remove any obstacles that may cause a mother to kill her unborn child.

On The Sidewalk

One Too Many believes in bringing hope to a seemingly hopeless situation. Our sidewalk ministries equip believers to share a biblical gospel, one that confronts sin and calls the lost to repentance, while maintaining a winsome and gracious demeanor—even in less than friendly environments. Our ministry preaches the gospel from the sidewalks in front of abortion mills and offers legitimate alternatives to women who are there to schedule an abortion or have a procedure performed. Our connection with End Abortion Now strengthens our ability to offer the hope of adoption to women who agree to not kill their child, while not desiring to care for him/her. We also work to partner with facilities that are local to the cities that we are ministering in, so that we may provide referrals to services that will work to meet the women in their need and assist them.

On The Web

One Too Many is continually working to provide media content to heighten awareness of abortions in Iowa, to equip believers who want to engage in this work, and to provide resources and support to those in need.

To Our Government

One Too Many is working to equip believers to approach their local magistrates and encourage them to end abortion in their state. We follow a bottom-up strategy, teaching believers to engage in conversation with their city and county officials about the topic of abortion. The idea is to create a network of believers who are informed about the actions of local governments and who work to provide an articulate Christian perspective to their local magistrates.

End Abortion Now

Union Mills Christian Church is a church partner of End Abortion Now.

If you would like for your church to join the fight to stop abortion in your state, go to and sign up today!


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