Abortion Apathy

     Our society has been irrevocably shaped by 24/7 news cycles and information overload. The average person is used to viewing more information than they have need for– continually sifting through the mass of media to satisfy their current desire. We are conditioned to move through information like the news stations move from one story to the next.

     The sea of information easily carries to its depths information that we do not care for, as well as things that do not seem relevant. We are accustomed to watching footage of unfolding disasters in foreign countries and political decisions in places that do not impact our daily lives. One may sigh over the lives lost in a landslide halfway across the globe, but in a matter of minutes the shock has faded and life goes on.

     I never thought (before joining this fight) that the hearts of people could be so calloused. It’s difficult to imagine that the little old lady in the grocery store supports the murder of innocent babies. It’s equally hard to think that a mother, who teaches children in a public school, can condone a process that rips a child apart limb-from-limb. I’ve encountered both. 

     What’s most discouraging is not the person who “flips you the bird” while you stand on a street corner protesting the whole-sale slaughter of infants. The most unsettling demeanor we encounter is the apathy of this news cycle mentality. The frustration of showing the brutality of abortion to an individual, expecting to shake them to the core, only to be met with indifference. Perhaps they’ve registered it as another far-away event, one that they can’t impact.

     The truth is that this fight has to be impacted here and now if it is ever going to stop. The truth is that organizations such as Planned Parenthood have made a business out of murdering babies. The truth is that the church cannot sit this one out…we have no choice but to engage in this fight. We cannot call ourselves disciples of Jesus Christ and call what is evil good. We must end abortion.


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